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Today's thought...

Today's BlowJob thoughts... Keep his dick nice and wet. The thing with a blowjob is you’re trying to mimic a vagina, but with your mouth. Your vagina, especially when you’re excited, is a very wet and warm place. If you’re someone who might tense up and get a dry mouth when faced with the idea of having a penis in there, then use lube. Lube, in all matters of sex, is your friend. A good ol' water-based lube!!! (This is what flavored lube was invented for, ladies.) My favorite is WICKED Lubes!! Salted Caramel is my fav!! You'll want to suck dick all day!! Tastes like Starbucks  💦 💦 💣 💣 🍆 🍆PP.D P.S. You can order it on my website! Be nice today...suck a dick!

Where the in the hell

....have I been? Sheesh, so much has happened. Wasband got remarried...again, but I like this one! That last one was kinda crazy, lol. We've been in quarantine with this COVID-19 mess, so school turned into distance learning and everyone was stuck in the house. Things are slowly opening back up, but this virus is still hitting hard and our new norm will take some getting used too. I went back to school, I turned 43, had a kid graduate from college and I will be becoming a grandma later this summer!