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One Night Stands...

So are these still a thing? I guess I thought they were kinda played out until I went on vacation recently. A group of successful, handsome men...all married or in a relationship, but their travel was strictly to put all of their home life behind them. A weekend of fun with no limitations and then proceed to get back on the plane as if nothing happened that weekend. Life goes back to normal, but then you reminisce on that pleasureful weekend and you take it a little further with some "secret business trips" to rekindle that weekend on the sly. But now those weekends are turning into every other weekend visits and this one-night stand that was supposed to be so easy to forget has led to a situationship. Now what? How do you stop this? Who is in the wrong? The things you talk about in a pool at a hotel while drinking...y'all thought I was talking about myself, huh? Oh, hells no! I was married to a cheater, I can't do that to someone else no matter what!