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BLOW JOB TIP FOR THE DAY 🥰 🍆 🍭 🍆 🍭 🥰 There is more to the dick than just the dick. All around that area is sensitive and you have to use all of it to create a “full-package” blow job. There’s so much you can do with his testicles. Tickle, kiss, gently suck, massage, the list goes and on....and if you think that your mouth is the only “tool” you can use for a great blow job then you are very, very wrong. We have hands too!!! And ladies....we have Boobs too! Use your tools!!!! Pract ice makes perfect! Attitude is everything! Be playful with it. Have fun and take your time. And a water-based lube, it is better than oil or silicone lube, it's less sticky and has a more natural feeling! Happy Sucking My Friends!  🥰 😘 🥰