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Mary J. Blige - Whole Damn Year (Official Video)

I rock this shit!

You have a voice, don't be afraid to use it.  I   was always afraid to speak up and speak out due to my relationship, but I am thankful that this short cutie has an amazing voice now and using it for good. God always has a better yes. It is said that what you allow, will continue...that is why especially in raising two daughters and two sons, I had to be responsible and show them you can't allow people to treat you like a doormat.  I rose out of those ashes and my life is in a much better place today!  My business is growing and so many things are in the works for later this year. I am so blessed!  God had me go through hell and some days it felt like the end, but he was just preparing me for my purpose and for the right person he had planned to have beside me all just took me years to listen to his voice!