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Not perfect, but happy!

I stayed in a toxic marriage for years with someone who always made me feel beneath him. I was never worthy enough in his eyes. He had no respect for me, most of the time...I don't even think he respected himself. I thought by staying with my narcissistic cheating husband, it was best for my kids because I was keeping our family together...but it wasn't. It was slowly tearing me apart inside, the emotional and mental abuse I endured caused me to smile on the outside, but slowly die on the inside. I was losing my love of life, but GOD! There was a better and brighter day ahead. I was surprised how much my older three children wanted their father and I to divorce, they said they knew I wasn't happy and it was then I knew it was okay...I was going to be okay and I am. I am finally living my best life. All the dreams he crushed, are now coming true. Doors have opened and life is amazing! It is said that God won't bring you so far, just to leave you and that is so true! Not

Every day is a new day

Every day is a new day...when you are a victim of abuse, you carry so much with you. Emotional abuse is so much harder to deal with in my eyes. It's hard to think that someone that is supposed to love you forever, instead makes sure that you forget how to love yourself. It wasn't until I walked away from the only life I knew, that I started living my best life. My support system that tried to give me the courage to leave years sooner, was still there for me and helped me find my voice and my heart, well he has been my rock and I am so blessed to have him. Every day is a new journey and I am so thankful! Love should never hurt, in any way...always remember you have a voice, don't let blind love silence it.