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Silence is not the Golden Rule….

While we know everyone is not verbally expressive during sex, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be. No need to be quiet as a church mouse in the bedroom…or kitchen or wherever you decide to get your loving on. If you have a partner who feels that they can’t be verbal during sex, encourage them! Tell them what turns you on, tell them it’s a turn on to hear their sex sounds! In the words of one of my favorite groups of my younger years: Tony! Toni! Tone’!; If the rhythm feels good to you baby Let me hear you say (oh-oh baby) So embrace those moans, groans, and sighs! Listen and Learn, those noises are telling you some amazing things!

Oysters are orgasm helpers!

Did you know that OYSTERS are more than just a good source of protein? They are like an energy booster! And they slide down your throat perfectly, so that's perfect practice for well, you know! And oysters contain Zinc! Not only does the zinc boost your sex drive, but it also ups your immune system, helps get rid of acne, eases rashes and makes your bones stronger. Make sure you add this to your next date night!