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Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor

Sometimes you just have to listen to some Lauryn Hill! Music therapy!

Not a hate you, but a thank you

People always tell me that I should hate my ex because of all he put me through. Now while it's true, we did not have seventeen years of bliss, there was a lot of pain. When I got married, of course, I thought it would be forever, but forever is a long time that doesn't always pan out. He walked out on our family when we needed him the most, at least I thought we did. Being married to a narcissist, you forget your identity. You take on a dependency that is hard to shake. But I don't hate him, in fact, I thank him. Being in a toxic relationship taught me life lessons. I cried when it was over, because I thought I needed him, it was like he was the oxygen I needed, but it wasn't even close. Our relationship ending made me realize my worth. I learned that I deserved better. His leaving me, helped me find the woman I was supposed to be. The memories and the lessons I don't regret because they shaped me and I love the me I am today!

A Co-Parenting Christmas!

It's no secret that the wasband and I did not have a peaceful divorce. We did not get along most of our separation leading to our divorce, but we decided to stop fighting and be civil for our kids last summer. So this past Christmas, he had our two kids for the week. My oldest two were on Christmas break from college and I realized for the first time, I wouldn't have all my babies on Christmas morning. I was sad, I wasn't ready for that, so I called the wasband and asked if the older kids and I could come over to take pictures. He said yes. We ended up taking tons of pics and he even cooked breakfast and for the first time in years, we all sat at the same table and ate breakfast and then sat and talked and watched the kids play Call of Duty. What meant more than anything, was seeing my children happy and us not arguing! When the older kids and I were getting ready to leave, my 15 asked for a family pic. I think we were both caught off-guard and he was reluctant at first,

House Party - Dance off - long version - Ain't my type of hype

A classic