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Girl I Saw Your Ex...

Hold Up! Who cares...he is my EX!

So the other day I get a picture of my wasband on a dating site. Ummmm, why do I need this? I don't care. That man has been remarried and divorced since our divorce last year. Since our separation, then divorce, it seems that people have been more excited about making sure we know what the other is doing.
We both already know...and we don't really care! We are civil now, we've even had drinks and laughed about you all. LOL.
Divorce is never really easy and for us, it was pretty tragic. We said a lot of things that we probably wish we could take back, but it's all in the past now. We have four children that need us, so we decided to do what is best and we are doing a pretty damn good job of it.
So if you see him out on a date, don't send me a pic, help the brotha out, tell the girl he hates raw onions, but he will eat them grilled or sauteed. It's the little things!


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This was probably my greatest accomplishment this year...walking away completely. Our divorce was officially finalized and I was allowed true happiness. No more insults, put downs, explaining to young kids why daddy was yelling and punching holes in the wall. No more feeling I wasn't good enough, no more sleepless nights...I can finally go into a new year at peace. Looking forward to 2017. I made it!

Today's thought...

Today's BlowJob thoughts... Keep his dick nice and wet. The thing with a blowjob is you’re trying to mimic a vagina, but with your mouth. Your vagina, especially when you’re excited, is a very wet and warm place. If you’re someone who might tense up and get a dry mouth when faced with the idea of having a penis in there, then use lube. Lube, in all matters of sex, is your friend. A good ol' water-based lube!!! (This is what flavored lube was invented for, ladies.) My favorite is WICKED Lubes!! Salted Caramel is my fav!! You'll want to suck dick all day!! Tastes like Starbucks  💦 💦 💣 💣 🍆 🍆PP.D P.S. You can order it on my website! Be nice today...suck a dick!

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