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Girl I Saw Your Ex...

Hold Up! Who cares...he is my EX! So the other day I get a picture of my wasband on a dating site. Ummmm, why do I need this? I don't care. That man has been remarried and divorced since our divorce last year. Since our separation, then divorce, it seems that people have been more excited about making sure we know what the other is doing. NEWSFLASH!!!!!! We both already know...and we don't really care! We are civil now, we've even had drinks and laughed about you all. LOL. Divorce is never really easy and for us, it was pretty tragic. We said a lot of things that we probably wish we could take back, but it's all in the past now. We have four children that need us, so we decided to do what is best and we are doing a pretty damn good job of it. So if you see him out on a date, don't send me a pic, help the brotha out, tell the girl he hates raw onions, but he will eat them grilled or sauteed. It's the little things!

Wasband Chronicles

So I'm getting ready for the comedy show and I start getting text messages, it was the wasband. Lol, apparently he thought he should pre-drink before his trip. This was the text.  I called him and I said what were you thinking? Him: Who is this?  Me: Your baby momma Him: I don't have a baby momma, I have an ex-wife.  Me: Actually you have 2 of those, I'm ex-wife #1 Him: Tasha!  Me: Oh Lord, be careful and should something happen I am still your beneficiary right?  Lol, hey that is an important question...I am the mother of his children!

The Butterfly Kiss

So when I host sex toy parties, I always get the same question. What is the best toy? Well, that's not an easy question to answer, it varies from party to party. But if I had to say what is an all-time favorite, it would have to be the butterfly kiss. That toy is a nice and cost-effective investment in your toybox!  With  3 stimulation speeds at the press of a button and a curved head to caress those intimate sweet spots.  Did I also mention that this orgasmic toy is WATERPROOF?  Order yours today!  

Judy strikes again! Judy:1 Wasband:0

So I have many stories to catch y'all up on, so here's the Car Wash story from last month... I got a new to me car last month, so the wasband hadn't seen this car, since he was out of town. Well, my son and I were at the car wash and this is how this unfolds. I am outside washing the car and my son is inside the car still and apparently my squat game is still strong because the person at the gas station notice my junk in the trunk from across the street and proceeds to drive to the car wash to get a closer look at Judy, lol Well, little to both of our surprise we already knew each fact we had been married, had kids and divorced by this time, lol. The wasband was at the gas station and thought that the woman across the street had a nice apple bottom going on, poor soul. So he drove to the car wash and since I was turned, he still didn't know it was me. Well, my son got out the car and all of a sudden, I hear "TASHA" So I turned around, it w

Luther Vandross - I'd Rather

This song pretty much sums up my life. Only my soulmate has my heart and I miss that crazy one every day. It's crazy how you can connect with someone briefly and spend 17 years married to someone you didn't even know. Maybe one day my fairytale will come true....

Call Me Daddy.....The Wasband Chronicles

So the 15-year-old wants to go to France with her French Club, so we had our first parent meeting yesterday. Well the wasband showed up and he had been checking out her French teacher so when he signs his name on the paper to check-in he signs his name as... Daddy.  I wanted to slap him, which I usually want to slap him on a regular basis anyway but I was like don't embarrass her or her teacher. So he tells her teacher that he listed his name as daddy on the sign in sheet says she can just refer to him as that. The look on her face was priceless! I told her to ignore him don't pay him any mind. So she laughed.  Well he asked our daughter to add him to are GroupMe messages with the teacher and the rest of the class so when she added him it adds him as what she has him on her phone as a contact he changed his name to Daddy and I had to text his ass and tell him to calm down so he changed it again.  How I stayed married to that man for so long I'll never know...