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Kelly Price - Friend Of Mine ft. Ronald Isley, R. Kelly

Yeah, so I had one of these kinds of friends! Well, I guess you wouldn't call her a friend at this point. The funny thing is that it was a friend of hers that told me first, then a friend of his and then a mutual friend of all of us. I was in shock because of how close we were, but it just goes to show that some people will stab you in the back no matter what.... I don't miss her friendship actually, I am doing just fine...better in fact!

The Story of MeToo

So yesterday was about sharing your status as #metoo if you were a victim of sexual abuse/assault. Now today is a new day...I pray those stories didn't fall on deaf ears. I have a #metoo story, unfortunately. I was sexually abused by a family member from 8-12. He told me no one would believe me and that I would be the one that would look bad if  I told, so I remained silent, until one day I decided I couldn't go on anymore,  I wanted to die, so I attempted suicide. That was when my silent cries were finally heard. And he did exactly what he said he would do, blamed me. I was no longer allowed to visit my dad's house because my abuser also lived there. I was shunned from that side of my family until I was about 18. They made excuses like I must have misunderstood what was happening, but it was so real...every touch was real. It stayed brushed under the rug and not talked about. In my twenties, I was polite to him, I kept up a face for needed appearances, as he was seen as a

MONAT is taking over!

You may not read all of my posts about my small business I own BUT..... you might want to take a peek at this one!! 🌀 MONAT is on track to hit $1B (Billion) in revenue in 2018 -- in only FOUR YEARS.... let this sink in: 👉🏼 It took Starbucks 25 years to build a billion-dollar brand. 👉🏼 It took Mary Kay 33 years to build a billion-dollar brand. 👉🏼 It took Avon 86 years to build a billion-dollar brand. 👉🏼 It's looking like MONAT will also be the Number 1 Hair Care Company in ALL of North America!! 🌀  Also, Keep in mind, Monat takes very good care of their partners, spoiling us with many many exotic and fun trips, New Cadillacs for mid-level leadership (not just top) many gifts and flowers and recognition, BUT also the best Compensation Package I've ever seen in this industry!!! I get super-excited to think of all of the lives we have changed already and how many more people we will help in big huge life-changing ways!!  ❤

Smile-a-Day Funny Nostalgic Moments #1 - The First Date Meets Dad (The C...

So this reminds me of the wasband! He tries to be so cool, yet threatening when it comes to guys dating his daughters. We went through it together with the oldest girl, but now with Trinity, we are divorced and co-parenting, so this will be fun.