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Pretty Teeth Gang~

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They hurt too...

I tried to be there in every way for all my children, but my divorce affected them all differently. My two oldest children; they were not his biologically, he was however the only father they knew the last 17 years of their lives...My daughter, she acted as if he no longer existed, I mean, she would speak if she seen him, but he didn't reach out to her and she didn't reach out to him. My son, who used to want to carry his last name, no longer referred to him as dad...he became Henry. He missed most of his football games his junior and senior year and didn't show up at his college signing day. Those missed moments hurt me as I watched my children hurt, but they were oldest son said between his biological father and his step father, he knows exactly what kind of father not to be and that he will be a better man because of it... But it was different watching my younger two children deal our divorce. They still saw their dad...our youngest we share 50/50 and our 1

New Beginnings

I MADE IT! To some, that means nothing, but I am finally free and happy. The wasband is free to remarry, I can remarry…when I am ready of course, but the rebuilding really started this year. 2017 has been amazing, whereas I thought I would be depressed it’s just the opposite. Every day has been better than the day before. I have learned how to love me again, all the years of emotional and verbal abuse are behind me, I have my life back….my kids have their lives back. No more man that made them walk on eggshells, no threats, belittling…just new beginnings from here on out! One day, I hope my older 3 children do develop a relationship with their father, I know I can’t force it, so I stopped trying. But as for me, my happiness is NOW! My journey back to me has officially begun in 2017. I enrolled back in school, set some new goals and I am ready to take on the world….I may have been battered, I may have been tired, but I was not broken!