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Why should you do a Yoni Steam?

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? The Yoni Steaming is commonly used to repair, tone and cleanse the uterus after birth, and is thought to decrease uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis. It can also help reduce symptoms of menopause. Improve Your Cycle Herbal Steam gives you a new way to cleanse and revitalize. Using Yoni Steaming on a regular basis, your feminine cycle will be consistently better. Countless amounts of women have had lessened cramps, healthier flow, more routine menstruation, and enriched fertility. Relax and Detoxify Make self-care a gratifying experience that you deserve. The Yoni Steam  provides an enjoyable response that pleasantly allows you to release both physical and emotional toxins. Leaving you exhilarated and carefree.

Pretty Love Arthur...Don't mind if I do!

<3  PRETTY LOVE ARTHUR COME HITHER RABBIT  <3   This Pretty Love Arthur Rabbit Vibrator has 7 powerful vibration functions and 3 tantalizing come-hither modes. 100% pure silicone with an ultra smooth silky finish. Twin motors provide two points of stimulation contained in the sleek body, one at the tip of the gently contoured shaft, and the other in the nubby clit teaser. Not bad for $38!

Dating after 40

This dating game is for the birds! I am already over it! So, I was talking to a guy, well I thought I was talking to him, but then he threw this curveball. So this was the conversation. Him: So I have a question for you. Me: Okay, what? Him: If my ex moves in with me, will you and I kick it? Okay, flag on the play! What the hell? Who asks a question like this? Be calm, you got this, just answer this question Me: Hell NO! Him: That's it? No? But it would be financial help me on the bills. Mostly...we have a keyword here folks! MOSTLY! WTF is that supposed to mean? Oh, okay, you must think I'm a fool too! Let me not tune in to my inner crazy woman, just breathe and respond. Me: Mostly? That sounds like a live-in booty call with me on the side, no thanks, I'm good! Him: Don't you think that is a little drastic? She and I won't even be having sex all the time, she knows all about you. She's cool with it. Are we still talking? Why are we still d

Girl I Saw Your Ex...

Hold Up! Who cares...he is my EX! So the other day I get a picture of my wasband on a dating site. Ummmm, why do I need this? I don't care. That man has been remarried and divorced since our divorce last year. Since our separation, then divorce, it seems that people have been more excited about making sure we know what the other is doing. NEWSFLASH!!!!!! We both already know...and we don't really care! We are civil now, we've even had drinks and laughed about you all. LOL. Divorce is never really easy and for us, it was pretty tragic. We said a lot of things that we probably wish we could take back, but it's all in the past now. We have four children that need us, so we decided to do what is best and we are doing a pretty damn good job of it. So if you see him out on a date, don't send me a pic, help the brotha out, tell the girl he hates raw onions, but he will eat them grilled or sauteed. It's the little things!

Wasband Chronicles

So I'm getting ready for the comedy show and I start getting text messages, it was the wasband. Lol, apparently he thought he should pre-drink before his trip. This was the text.  I called him and I said what were you thinking? Him: Who is this?  Me: Your baby momma Him: I don't have a baby momma, I have an ex-wife.  Me: Actually you have 2 of those, I'm ex-wife #1 Him: Tasha!  Me: Oh Lord, be careful and should something happen I am still your beneficiary right?  Lol, hey that is an important question...I am the mother of his children!

The Butterfly Kiss

So when I host sex toy parties, I always get the same question. What is the best toy? Well, that's not an easy question to answer, it varies from party to party. But if I had to say what is an all-time favorite, it would have to be the butterfly kiss. That toy is a nice and cost-effective investment in your toybox!  With  3 stimulation speeds at the press of a button and a curved head to caress those intimate sweet spots.  Did I also mention that this orgasmic toy is WATERPROOF?  Order yours today!  

Judy strikes again! Judy:1 Wasband:0

So I have many stories to catch y'all up on, so here's the Car Wash story from last month... I got a new to me car last month, so the wasband hadn't seen this car, since he was out of town. Well, my son and I were at the car wash and this is how this unfolds. I am outside washing the car and my son is inside the car still and apparently my squat game is still strong because the person at the gas station notice my junk in the trunk from across the street and proceeds to drive to the car wash to get a closer look at Judy, lol Well, little to both of our surprise we already knew each fact we had been married, had kids and divorced by this time, lol. The wasband was at the gas station and thought that the woman across the street had a nice apple bottom going on, poor soul. So he drove to the car wash and since I was turned, he still didn't know it was me. Well, my son got out the car and all of a sudden, I hear "TASHA" So I turned around, it w

Luther Vandross - I'd Rather

This song pretty much sums up my life. Only my soulmate has my heart and I miss that crazy one every day. It's crazy how you can connect with someone briefly and spend 17 years married to someone you didn't even know. Maybe one day my fairytale will come true....

Call Me Daddy.....The Wasband Chronicles

So the 15-year-old wants to go to France with her French Club, so we had our first parent meeting yesterday. Well the wasband showed up and he had been checking out her French teacher so when he signs his name on the paper to check-in he signs his name as... Daddy.  I wanted to slap him, which I usually want to slap him on a regular basis anyway but I was like don't embarrass her or her teacher. So he tells her teacher that he listed his name as daddy on the sign in sheet says she can just refer to him as that. The look on her face was priceless! I told her to ignore him don't pay him any mind. So she laughed.  Well he asked our daughter to add him to are GroupMe messages with the teacher and the rest of the class so when she added him it adds him as what she has him on her phone as a contact he changed his name to Daddy and I had to text his ass and tell him to calm down so he changed it again.  How I stayed married to that man for so long I'll never know...

Kelly Price - Friend Of Mine ft. Ronald Isley, R. Kelly

Yeah, so I had one of these kinds of friends! Well, I guess you wouldn't call her a friend at this point. The funny thing is that it was a friend of hers that told me first, then a friend of his and then a mutual friend of all of us. I was in shock because of how close we were, but it just goes to show that some people will stab you in the back no matter what.... I don't miss her friendship actually, I am doing just fine...better in fact!

The Story of MeToo

So yesterday was about sharing your status as #metoo if you were a victim of sexual abuse/assault. Now today is a new day...I pray those stories didn't fall on deaf ears. I have a #metoo story, unfortunately. I was sexually abused by a family member from 8-12. He told me no one would believe me and that I would be the one that would look bad if  I told, so I remained silent, until one day I decided I couldn't go on anymore,  I wanted to die, so I attempted suicide. That was when my silent cries were finally heard. And he did exactly what he said he would do, blamed me. I was no longer allowed to visit my dad's house because my abuser also lived there. I was shunned from that side of my family until I was about 18. They made excuses like I must have misunderstood what was happening, but it was so real...every touch was real. It stayed brushed under the rug and not talked about. In my twenties, I was polite to him, I kept up a face for needed appearances, as he was seen as a

MONAT is taking over!

You may not read all of my posts about my small business I own BUT..... you might want to take a peek at this one!! 🌀 MONAT is on track to hit $1B (Billion) in revenue in 2018 -- in only FOUR YEARS.... let this sink in: 👉🏼 It took Starbucks 25 years to build a billion-dollar brand. 👉🏼 It took Mary Kay 33 years to build a billion-dollar brand. 👉🏼 It took Avon 86 years to build a billion-dollar brand. 👉🏼 It's looking like MONAT will also be the Number 1 Hair Care Company in ALL of North America!! 🌀  Also, Keep in mind, Monat takes very good care of their partners, spoiling us with many many exotic and fun trips, New Cadillacs for mid-level leadership (not just top) many gifts and flowers and recognition, BUT also the best Compensation Package I've ever seen in this industry!!! I get super-excited to think of all of the lives we have changed already and how many more people we will help in big huge life-changing ways!!  ❤

Smile-a-Day Funny Nostalgic Moments #1 - The First Date Meets Dad (The C...

So this reminds me of the wasband! He tries to be so cool, yet threatening when it comes to guys dating his daughters. We went through it together with the oldest girl, but now with Trinity, we are divorced and co-parenting, so this will be fun.

Steve Harvey - Grand Finale - Relationship

This is so true. Mr. Right is watching you and you got his space occupied with some bullshit! Wait for your real deal! Stop settling!


  So the wasband came over to pick up a car he bought the kiddo for his birthday a few months ago. So I was drinking one of my fabulous mixed drinks and I offered him some. Not sure why I was being nice, could have been I needed him to go pick up an order I placed since he gets off earlier than I do, who knows…. Wasband: This drink is good Me: Duh, I always make good drinks Wasband: I know, wait…is there poison in this? Me: Hmmmmm, although the thought is tempting, no…even I am not that heartless Wasband: Why are you being nice today? Me: ‘Cause I am grown and I don’t have the energy to be pissed off anymore. At that moment, I realized I no longer hated this man for the 17 years of hell he put me through. I had forgiven him for it and moved on with my life. That burden of hate is too much to carry and I am so glad I let it go. My life has been amazing since our divorce and maybe one day we’ll be friends and better at this co-parenting thing, it’s important t

Staycation Ideas

Staycation Planning Tips.   Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your nearby excursions. Disconnect .  Take a break from emails, appointments, chores, and errands. After all, the key to the best staycation is taking a break from the routine. Even though you’re home, you’re still on vacation. This is your time to relax and have fun. Budget.  Like any trip or vacation, you’ll still want to set a budget. The goal of a staycation isn’t to spend  no  money, but to  save  money. Even with a budget in place, you can still find ways to treat yourself with something as simple as a fancy dessert or a day doing something you want to do. Look for extra savings using sites like  and . Plan.  Don’t let your staycation be just another weekend at home. To make it memorable, plan your activities in advance. Do your research ahead of time so you know what events are going on and what the weather will be. Then make a game plan to ensure this will be th

Pearly Whites!

So, thanks to this amazing toothpaste by Nuskin, I have been rocking the pearly whites lately! And I must say, my teeth are looking fabulous!  These products are amazing! I haven't found one I haven't liked yet!  🔍 BENEFITS  ☝  Lightens teeth without harmful peroxides. ☝  Provides a long lasting, smooth, clean, fresh-mouth feeling. ☝  Refreshing, vanilla mint flavor. 🔍 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What makes AP24 Whitening Toothpaste technology different? ☝ No peroxides—they bleach teeth, but can weaken tooth enamel and irritate soft mouth tissues. Peroxides should only be used in a professional setting. ☝ No harsh abrasives—they remove stains, but erode and scratch teeth. Shop online!  Bright Smiles and Sexy Skin

High Five Dude

So this guy is worthy of a, "who does this?" So dating in this era is crazy anyways, but this guy made me laugh. So when we got down to business and did our thang....afterwards, he reaches to give me a high five! Ummmmm, what the hell are you doing? It was good yes, but you celebrate this with a ROUND 2! Not a high 5! Put your damn hand down and where are my clothes?! I'm going home! This was an audition and you will not be getting a callback unless, well unless I am bored, because it was pretty good, lol!

Epoch Polish Bar!! Awesome! Works great on Sharpies!

Pretty Teeth Gang~

Physical attractiveness of the face takes into account {{5}} things, I can help you with the most important and most noticed one {{YOUR SMILE}} $20  🚫 No Bleaches or Harsh Chemicals ⚗️ 🚫 No Sugar 🍭 🚫 Not Damaging to Enamel ⚒ 🚫 Gluten Free ✅ Gentle on Sensitive Teeth 😬 ✅ Safe for Kids  👧🏼 👦🏽 ✅ Amazing 4 Wine, Coffee, & Nicotine Stains  🍷 ☕️ 🚬 ✅ Brightens Crowns & Veneers by removing stain 😁 🎊 💌 Private Message or comment for details 💌 🎊  Don't miss out!!!

They hurt too...

I tried to be there in every way for all my children, but my divorce affected them all differently. My two oldest children; they were not his biologically, he was however the only father they knew the last 17 years of their lives...My daughter, she acted as if he no longer existed, I mean, she would speak if she seen him, but he didn't reach out to her and she didn't reach out to him. My son, who used to want to carry his last name, no longer referred to him as dad...he became Henry. He missed most of his football games his junior and senior year and didn't show up at his college signing day. Those missed moments hurt me as I watched my children hurt, but they were oldest son said between his biological father and his step father, he knows exactly what kind of father not to be and that he will be a better man because of it... But it was different watching my younger two children deal our divorce. They still saw their dad...our youngest we share 50/50 and our 1