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The Journey Back to Me...

The Journey back to me… Where do I begin? I was smart, I did the things I thought I was supposed to do. But one day it was gone. It was either him or me. Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you stop and think is this it? Is it worth it? I reached that point the day I couldn’t recognize the person in the mirror…. I loved him, he was my heart, but one day I realized that my love wasn’t enough to keep him. Oh sure, we had great times, but the lows we had….they were really low. No one expects some to hurt them and maybe because I wasn’t beaten up every day, maybe I overlooked the mental and emotional abuse, because that was tolerable. I mean it was better than bruises, wasn’t it? Then one day after a bad fight, my daughter intervened and he put a knife to her neck. I begged him and loved on him to make it stop. He put the knife down, I thought I could keep that secret and just move past it and as I comforted my daughter and got her back to bed, I saw my grandmother l