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Ignorance is bliss and a reason for my headache today...

  Another day….another crazy customer on the phone… Customer: I need to make sure my account is finalized, we’ve moved. Me: Let me look that up for you She gives me the address and I verified her information. Me: Yes ma’am, it appears that it is finalized and you have a refund check being issued. Customer: Oh good, thank you so much for your help, I miss Moore already and the nice people. We’ve moved to Lawton and it’s horrible! We went to the tire store and there was a black man throwing up gang signs and then to make it even worse, we went to Wal-Mart and there were more black people. Be glad you are still in Moore where you are safe. I had no response. I mean I could of responded, but ignorance is not worth my time or my job today. She thanked me for my wonderful customer service and wished me a blessed day.  

United Games First Product Demo

Still some time available to signup for the New Interactive Sports App coming out Fall 2016. W/Sports like NFL, MLS & Premier League, baseball, basketball etc. Prizes like jerseys from your favorite team, iPads etc. App will be FREE to download & FREE to play...anyone willing to try it out?? Message me for your invite code! United Games First Product Demo