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It's Over, well 2 weeks ago, but still, lol

So it’s final! It’s over! 17 years in the books and the blue eyed devil and I are finished. Feelings are little mixed. Despite how much I love my new found independence and no longer suffering the emotional and mental abuse…he was still a major part of my life. He was my connection for 17 years…we fathered 2 children together. Now we are strangers. We don’t exchange words at all. He turned his family away, well some of them and that’s okay, it’s not hurting me, my kids are what’s most important. I love not walking on eggshells and having a man in my life that cares about my day, my kids, my goals and dreams. It’s new beginnings for both of us and I am sure we are both glad about it! Now, that lawyer bill, not that happy about that, lol! Who knew something that cost $50 for a marriage license would cost thousands in legal fees to divorce! Oh well, you live and learn! But thank God he showed me the light before I turned 40!