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The Wasband Came Over...

The wasband and I’s conversation this evening…
Wasband: I will pay March’s payment, April 1st. I am just behind on everything right now
Me:’ve been catching up for months now? Plus you were in Dallas all weekend, how’d you pay for that?
Wasband: The trip was paid for, I didn’t even have the money for tires my motorcycle; they were a gift.
Me: Ahhh, that’s nice, would she like to gift your child support too? (I’m not picky)
Wasband: Shit! When are you getting married?
In my head I am thinking, dumb ass, I am still married to you! Lol, but instead, I gave the blank stare
Wasband: Oh wait, I don’t pay alimony
Me:  No, you don’t…..But I will get married after you do!
Wasband: I’m not getting married anytime soon, shit…
Me: You and snow bunny will be married after our divorce is final or by the end of next year.
Wasband: You think? Care to place a bet?
Me: Sure what are we betting?
Wasband: The child support I am behind on!
Me: Fuck no, never mind!

And to think, we were married for 15 years and I think for at least 8 or 9 of those years, we really liked each other.…Good thing we stopped those “friendly visits” a few months back, God might of found it humorous to pay us back with a baby! YIKES! This divorce is already taking too long and costing too much money! 


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