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Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties

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The Wasband Came Over...

The wasband and I’s conversation this evening… Wasband: I will pay March’s payment, April 1 st . I am just behind on everything right now Me:’ve been catching up for months now? Plus you were in Dallas all weekend, how’d you pay for that? Wasband: The trip was paid for, I didn’t even have the money for tires my motorcycle; they were a gift. Me: Ahhh, that’s nice, would she like to gift your child support too? (I’m not picky) Wasband: Shit! When are you getting married? In my head I am thinking, dumb ass, I am still married to you! Lol, but instead, I gave the blank stare Wasband: Oh wait, I don’t pay alimony Me:  No, you don’t…..But I will get married after you do! Wasband: I’m not getting married anytime soon, shit… Me: You and snow bunny will be married after our divorce is final or by the end of next year. Wasband: You think? Care to place a bet? Me: Sure what are we betting? Wasband: The child support I am behind on! Me: Fuck no, n

Customer Service Convo of the Day

Some days I hate working in customer service, other days I love the stories the customers share. I mean, they share intimate details and they have no idea who we are over the phone or that I look them up on Facebook afterwards and laugh and laugh. So today was about a customer that wanted to start service and while I was keying in her new service, she brought up tattoos. Customer: You know, I have over 40 tattoos Me: WoW, you beat me, I only have 9! But planning on a few more. Customer: My ex has Property of ____________ right above his dick! Me: Yikes, that sucks! Customer: Well, not be be anymore Me: “Ahhhhh, I see what you did there, lmao! The wasband and I have matching tattoos, I’ve been thinking on how we cover those up. I suggested that since we have our wedding date on there, we could add our divorce final date there, lol! I guess I will go with some nice flowers instead to cover it up.

Today, I was the nosey neighbor

So I decided to come home for lunch today and on my way back to the office, I notice a police officer driving down my street. So I instantly forget that my lunch break is over because obviously something on my street is going to be more entertaining…well the cop passes my house, so that was a sign of relief, lol! I am going through a divorce, so you never know with that crazy ex of mine.  So he pulled into Ms. Mary’s driveway, well I knew that old lady wouldn’t a fly, but he quickly backed out and parked in front of my trashcans. So I stare at him and he’s staring at me, but walking into my other neighbor’s yard. So one thing was clear, I was not in trouble so the only logical thing to do at this point…be nosey. I started playing with my keys, moving stuff in the car, fixing trashcans, etc. I got the hint that I was being too nosey when the cop looked at me and said let’s go inside. But I don’t give up that easy, I put in a few calls and I hope to know the full story by tomor