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You Lost Me...I Found Me...

This was probably my greatest accomplishment this year...walking away completely. Our divorce was officially finalized and I was allowed true happiness. No more insults, put downs, explaining to young kids why daddy was yelling and punching holes in the wall. No more feeling I wasn't good enough, no more sleepless nights...I can finally go into a new year at peace. Looking forward to 2017. I made it!

What happened to the hot water?

What happened to the hot water? So I am still learning the lessons of being a divorced homeowner. Well, I couldn’t understand why the water wasn’t getting hot. So my mother asked me how old was my hot water heater? I said I don’t know, we’ve been there 10 years and it’s the same one. She said it’s probably broken. So a trip to SEARS and $1100 dollars later, the hot water is returning. So I asked the SEARS rep, when will it be installed. SEARS rep: Well, I don’t know when it will be installed, but it will be soon Me: How soon is soon? Rep: We don’t know, but it is in stock. Me: I am spending $1100 and that’s the only answer I can get? Rep: Well, I am sure it won’t be long, but if you haven’t heard anything in 2 days, call them. Me: 2 days? Ummmm, I am gonna call them tomorrow. I need my hot water working. I know some things are out of their control, but I feel they should at least know something. I mean I paid for it today, not 2 days from now. Oh well, just

SEX Bucket List....Make one!

*~Make a SEX Bucket List*~ You make a grocery list, you make a bill list, so why not do the same for your sex life?! Be daring and spontaneous! Be serious about it too, have goals!! The missionary position is NOT all there is to sex! Here’s a few suggestions…           1.       69 2.       Get spanked 3.      The ol’ finger in the butt 4.      Hand someone your panties 5.      Get a pearl necklace! 6.      Ride on top 7.      Get bent over the kitchen counter! 8.      Butt sex 9.      Sex it up in a public place 10.  Go to a sex toy party (Well duh, I host those! Call me!) 11. Car sex 12. Costume play 13. Have an office romance— doesn’t have to be full-on, but a kiss    by the copier never hurt anyone 14. Hook up with someone you’ll never see again 15. Sit on his face 16. Hit the big O at the same time 17. Use sex toys to get both of you off  Have phone sex 19. Bar bathroom sex (Ehh, pick a clean bar tho) 20. Shower sex

It Wasn't Me....oh but it was YOU

So glad that the wasband and I are officially over. He was a horrible cheater! Maybe why my self esteem was so low for years. But thank God I he saw to end that toxic relationship, but even more glad that God showed me who a so called friend truly was...

Just another night with the wasband and I

So yesterday was the first, so that is day the wasband really can't stand me since he has to give me a check. Since our divorce our words have become less and less friendly, which is sad, since we have known each other for over 17 years. So this was last nights convo... Wasband: Have my receipt ready, I am on my way He arrives, I am writing out his receipt Wasband: When are you changing your name? Me: I'm not, the kids are still in school, so it's easier to keep it. Don't worry, you can marry her and she can take your name, it's no big deal. Wasband:  You dropped something So I look down on the ground, turn around in circles, I see nothing. Me: I don't see anything, I don't have a clue what you could be talking about. Wasband: I'm going to back up and shine the lights on it. Walk by the basketball goal, look down. Me: There is nothing there. I can't see a thing. Then the light bulb in my head went on, I see what is going on now. Wasband

Marriage is Teamwork!

One spouse cannot build a marriage alone when the other spouse is committed to destroying it. Marriage works when both husband & wife work together as a team to build their marriage. Teammates do not compete against each other; they complement each other.   Teammates do not pull each other down; they encourage & support each other. Teammates do not fight in the opposites direction; they face the same direction & fight the same opponent together. Marriage teamwork is not about me; it's about us, we & ours. There is no greater example of teamwork than husband & wife. Hand in hand together, let every couple work together for the success of their marriage. Marriage is not a solo performance, it's a duet.

Giving Tuesday

In 2012, 92nd Street Y in New York City created National Day of Giving to bring focus to the charitable season in the wake of the commercialized Black Friday and Cyber Monday. More commonly referred to as #GivingTuesday, National Day of Giving harnesses the power of social media to give back around the world and throughout the year. So make today and everyday a day of giving! Give of your time, your love....whatever! Let's work together to make this world a better place

The things you do to win, lol~ Me-1 Wasband-0

So I am in this FB group and every November we do a challenge called The Bearded Ones. Well, the wasband came by to drop something off and I was like I need a picture of your beard, lol. He was like what? No. I said, look crazy, I don't want your face, I want your beard, lol! This is not a reunited and we are bff's pic, this was I want to win this contest picture so cover your face and let's take this damn selfie! Mission Accomplished! Covered face, I had to cover that bald globe of a head too! Now if I don't win this challenge, I will be pissed! Plus side of this, we got a long great for like 5 minutes after taking 20 selfies to get one to post....the kids enjoyed seeing us laugh instead fight. Not the best at co-parenting yet, but it was a start... We managed to do this all on a moving motorcycle too by the way, lol!

Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]

This has become my new fav! This is my booty building song! Lol, my squat game is serious when this song comes on!

The Journey Back to Me...

The Journey back to me… Where do I begin? I was smart, I did the things I thought I was supposed to do. But one day it was gone. It was either him or me. Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you stop and think is this it? Is it worth it? I reached that point the day I couldn’t recognize the person in the mirror…. I loved him, he was my heart, but one day I realized that my love wasn’t enough to keep him. Oh sure, we had great times, but the lows we had….they were really low. No one expects some to hurt them and maybe because I wasn’t beaten up every day, maybe I overlooked the mental and emotional abuse, because that was tolerable. I mean it was better than bruises, wasn’t it? Then one day after a bad fight, my daughter intervened and he put a knife to her neck. I begged him and loved on him to make it stop. He put the knife down, I thought I could keep that secret and just move past it and as I comforted my daughter and got her back to bed, I saw my grandmother l

Ignorance is bliss and a reason for my headache today...

  Another day….another crazy customer on the phone… Customer: I need to make sure my account is finalized, we’ve moved. Me: Let me look that up for you She gives me the address and I verified her information. Me: Yes ma’am, it appears that it is finalized and you have a refund check being issued. Customer: Oh good, thank you so much for your help, I miss Moore already and the nice people. We’ve moved to Lawton and it’s horrible! We went to the tire store and there was a black man throwing up gang signs and then to make it even worse, we went to Wal-Mart and there were more black people. Be glad you are still in Moore where you are safe. I had no response. I mean I could of responded, but ignorance is not worth my time or my job today. She thanked me for my wonderful customer service and wished me a blessed day.  

United Games First Product Demo

Still some time available to signup for the New Interactive Sports App coming out Fall 2016. W/Sports like NFL, MLS & Premier League, baseball, basketball etc. Prizes like jerseys from your favorite team, iPads etc. App will be FREE to download & FREE to play...anyone willing to try it out?? Message me for your invite code! United Games First Product Demo

It's Over, well 2 weeks ago, but still, lol

So it’s final! It’s over! 17 years in the books and the blue eyed devil and I are finished. Feelings are little mixed. Despite how much I love my new found independence and no longer suffering the emotional and mental abuse…he was still a major part of my life. He was my connection for 17 years…we fathered 2 children together. Now we are strangers. We don’t exchange words at all. He turned his family away, well some of them and that’s okay, it’s not hurting me, my kids are what’s most important. I love not walking on eggshells and having a man in my life that cares about my day, my kids, my goals and dreams. It’s new beginnings for both of us and I am sure we are both glad about it! Now, that lawyer bill, not that happy about that, lol! Who knew something that cost $50 for a marriage license would cost thousands in legal fees to divorce! Oh well, you live and learn! But thank God he showed me the light before I turned 40!


Customer: So I am on auto draft and you keep sending me shit every month about my bill, I don’t want a paper bill telling me I paid a bill, I know I paid it. And what’s this other shit? A newsletter, I don’t need that either. Me: You can go on Ebilling and that will eliminate the paper bill and the newsletter is available online. Customer: Well, I don’t care what you do, I don’t want it anymore, and it’s killing my paper shredder. Me: Are you asking me to sign you up for Ebilling? Customer: Fine, do that if that stops the paper bill Me: Okay sir, what is your email address? Customer: I don’t have one Crickets……………… Me: So, that would mean Ebilling is NOT an option. Customer: Well fine then…keep killing my paper shredder See and this is the crap I deal with from 8-5 Monday through Friday. I will probably snap one day, lol!

She found a ring

Customer: I need to change the name on my bill, my husband and I are getting a divorce Me: Okay, I can help you, let me just verify some information Customer: I found a diamond ring in my bed and it wasn't mine! Me: But it is now, lol! Customer: It sure is, it will help pay for my divorce! Some days I love my job, not for the pay and health insurance, but the entertaining customers I have, lol! ‪

BRAVE....becoming her

  To some, jewelry is just jewelry, you can order it from anywhere, but in going through my divorce, I discovered something about the woman I was and the woman I am becoming. In being in a marriage with a narcissist, I lost so much of my identity and self-esteem. I have fought so hard to get that back and teach my own daughters how to be strong. I came across these amazing necklaces from Chloe & Isabel and I love the meaning and what the company supports. Plus 20% of cash proceeds benefit I AM THAT GIRL, helping girls turn self-doubt into self-empowerment! The necklace I picked is: BRAVE You can order yours at It took me 16 years to find my bravery and I refuse to lose it again! You can also learn more about the I AM THAT GIRL movement on their website:

Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties

GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY!!!     Looking for a New Career or Part time Job? Our Diva's average $200-$500 income per Party, plus you can grow a Team of Diva's and get paid on their success! Free Sign ups are back! So if you have ever wanted to own your own lingerie or Adult toy business now is your time to get in on a ground floor opportunity. It's not often you get an opportunity to get on the Ground floor of something this Great and Exciting. Lets take this Journey Together. Visit my website:  

The Wasband Came Over...

The wasband and I’s conversation this evening… Wasband: I will pay March’s payment, April 1 st . I am just behind on everything right now Me:’ve been catching up for months now? Plus you were in Dallas all weekend, how’d you pay for that? Wasband: The trip was paid for, I didn’t even have the money for tires my motorcycle; they were a gift. Me: Ahhh, that’s nice, would she like to gift your child support too? (I’m not picky) Wasband: Shit! When are you getting married? In my head I am thinking, dumb ass, I am still married to you! Lol, but instead, I gave the blank stare Wasband: Oh wait, I don’t pay alimony Me:  No, you don’t…..But I will get married after you do! Wasband: I’m not getting married anytime soon, shit… Me: You and snow bunny will be married after our divorce is final or by the end of next year. Wasband: You think? Care to place a bet? Me: Sure what are we betting? Wasband: The child support I am behind on! Me: Fuck no, n

Customer Service Convo of the Day

Some days I hate working in customer service, other days I love the stories the customers share. I mean, they share intimate details and they have no idea who we are over the phone or that I look them up on Facebook afterwards and laugh and laugh. So today was about a customer that wanted to start service and while I was keying in her new service, she brought up tattoos. Customer: You know, I have over 40 tattoos Me: WoW, you beat me, I only have 9! But planning on a few more. Customer: My ex has Property of ____________ right above his dick! Me: Yikes, that sucks! Customer: Well, not be be anymore Me: “Ahhhhh, I see what you did there, lmao! The wasband and I have matching tattoos, I’ve been thinking on how we cover those up. I suggested that since we have our wedding date on there, we could add our divorce final date there, lol! I guess I will go with some nice flowers instead to cover it up.

Today, I was the nosey neighbor

So I decided to come home for lunch today and on my way back to the office, I notice a police officer driving down my street. So I instantly forget that my lunch break is over because obviously something on my street is going to be more entertaining…well the cop passes my house, so that was a sign of relief, lol! I am going through a divorce, so you never know with that crazy ex of mine.  So he pulled into Ms. Mary’s driveway, well I knew that old lady wouldn’t a fly, but he quickly backed out and parked in front of my trashcans. So I stare at him and he’s staring at me, but walking into my other neighbor’s yard. So one thing was clear, I was not in trouble so the only logical thing to do at this point…be nosey. I started playing with my keys, moving stuff in the car, fixing trashcans, etc. I got the hint that I was being too nosey when the cop looked at me and said let’s go inside. But I don’t give up that easy, I put in a few calls and I hope to know the full story by tomor

Can't go anywhere....

Some days, you just can't go anywhere...not even to Walmart. This happened to me last night at Walmart!  Ma'am, I know you, you work at the water department. I don't know if I paid my bill or not.  Me: Call on Monday  Lady: Let me tell you my address... Me: Ummmm, no. It's after 5, I'm off the clock and this is Walmart, I'm trying to grab some things and go home.  Lady: So does that mean you can't tell me if I paid my bill or not? I think the look on my face answered that question for her.