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And then FB happened...

  The problem with Facebook is that somebody is friends with somebody that knows somebody. LOL! This divorce has been a pain. I had decided early on, especially since we have family on our pages; that I wouldn’t post pictures of me with anyone until we were divorced. Well, the soon to be ex, not so much. Blondie is extra proud to be with my "wasband," aka soon to be ex-husband. Pictures are all on social media of them; well apparently she and I have a picture that was taken around the same time on his bike, lol! Blondie and I have mutual friends and someone saw the picture and recognized the name, since she tagged him and asked me if he and I were still together. I just had to laugh! Blondie, I wish y’all the best, you can have him honey, I am good on the love, I found my blessing,  I just want what 15 years of marriage gets me…HALF…now get your little ass off my Harley! LMAO! 

Are you serious? The ex never amazes me

                So the soon to be ex calls, not to ask if the kids are okay or what they are doing, but apparently the new boo, who I refer to as bleach blondie couldn’t locate her grown ass son and he wanted to know if I could find anything out. Hmmmmmm……where they do that at? I mean, he always hated me being a Private Investigator, probably because he was always doing so much dirt, lol! I told him I would call him back, while I contemplated in my head to be nice or to be a bitch…. I called him back, I said, tell your boo thang that she can check arrest records online and can call area hospitals. I was even thoughtful enough to give him the website. I mean seriously, why would I help someone that is sleeping with my husband, in all fairness, we aren’t even divorced yet. Note to soon to be ex: Before calling wifey to ask for help with your side chicks problems, at least ask about your own kids first….I might have been more helpful….or nah…..who knows!