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Our days are never dull, the ex and I

Ex: What do you want for dinner? Me: Huh? Ex: I am gonna cook dinner tomorrow since you don’t feel good and since I am going out of town for the weekend and won’t see the kids. In my head, I am thinking why the hell is he cooking dinner? Is he trying to secretly poison me? I am not sure how I feel about this…. Me: Just make spaghetti, that’s quick and easy. We have a football game at 7 anyways… Ex: I will come by after work and cook Ex: Hey…..what color panties you got on? Me: Bye Henry… My ex is a trip, how blondie puts up with him is beyond me, lol! Since she is so much older, she must have more patience, but if he still needs to know, they were leopard print panties, LOL!  They were a gift and I really doubt the person that bought them would want my soon to be ex husband checking them out! 

Are you BAE or a Side BAE????

B.A.E?! So this is supposed to mean Before Anyone Else?  Kinda funny to see my soon to be ex’s new girlfriend use that term, considering she has four kids, so she had plenty before him and he is still legally married to me, so legally he can’t fully be yours either, but trust me doll, he will be all yours soon…and stop bugging the hell outta me!   That’s what my lawyer gets the big bucks for! People always posting shit, she should have been more secretive like him, but then again, he’s been cheating for years so he may have more practice than she does!