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Are you serious lady?

Cust: Is this the water dept? Me: Yes Cust: I need help getting into my house, I am locked out Me: Ma’am we can’t help you with that. That would be a locksmith Cust: Don’t you have a maintenance department? Me: We do, but they are not coming your house to try and unlock your doors. Cust: You are no help! What am I supposed to do now? Me: Call a locksmith People, please stop testing my patience today….Somebody is about to get it…..

My coworker, the Hypochondriac

I swear, I think I work with the world’s biggest Hypochondriac. The moment someone in the office says they are feeling sick or their kids are sick, she wants to know the symptoms and she immediately takes to google to research, lol! And then what happens the next day? You guessed it, she is sick. Lol! No previous symptoms, nothing, lol. I usually have to laugh to keep myself from choking her……or have a drink or two or ten. Thank God it’s Taco Tuesday! I see Margaritas and Tacos in my near future!