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She strikes again...the coworker blues

It’s Monday…I wonder if I just look like I want to hear her life story. I know I don’t walk in the door bubbly and full of excitement, especially when I didn’t go to sleep last night until 2am. So I am not sure what gives her the green light to invade my personal bubble space with her meaningless stories, but nonetheless, she is eager to tell me something, so this was today’s story as soon as I sit down at my desk: So my dad has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and when I take my mom to the doctor this week, I have to take him with us and if he has an accident, I have to change him. OMG NaTasha, what am I gonna do? Last time he had an accident in my car it was so gross. What would you do?  Hell if I know, I thought. I don’t even wanna hear this story, and I know the look on my face should of told her my response as clear as day. I had nothing, just a blank awkward stare. I think she got the hint and she walked back to her desk. Someone should of taught her a long time ago….you don’t

The Ex and I on a Sunday night, lol

Me: So you just randomly took our son on a road trip out of state and didn’t say anything? You would be pissed off if I did that. Ex: You are right, I apologize, I’m running late should have him home in 45 minutes. Me: So who did you go with? Ex: A friend Me: A Friend with benefits? Ex: Ummmm, you have friends with benefits Me: So was it the blonde? Ex: Yes Me: Nice….Where you going to tell me that we are now introducing our kids to our “friends” Ex: Nope, I wasn’t gonna say a thing Me: Typical…..I should have told you to pick me up a new flat iron on your way back, mine broke. Ex: Really, a flat iron?  This is the Ex and I’s Sunday night conversation. We talk more now that we live in two separate houses than we did the 15 years we were married. I did need a new flat iron tho…

The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment)

This is a must see video. Children are so trusting and they they that nothing will ever happen, but it can and will. We hear about stories like this all the time and sometimes the end result is death....there is no coming back from that. Stay aware, know what your kids are doing....No, it won't always be perfect, my kids pulled the wool over my eyes a few times, but that doesn't mean you just stop being active in knowing what is going on in their lives. Know your kids circle, know those parents. It drives my kids crazy that I have to meet the parents of kids they want to hang out with, but you have too. We as parents have to do a better job of educating our kids on how serious this is. My ex would drive me crazy because he was in a bike club and all the kids called the members "uncle" now some of those guys were sweet, I am sure, but you don't know everyone's intentions. Even the "sweetest" looking people can have bad intentions. As parents, we ca

Introducing 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara

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