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Today's thought...

Today's BlowJob thoughts... Keep his dick nice and wet. The thing with a blowjob is you’re trying to mimic a vagina, but with your mouth. Your vagina, especially when you’re excited, is a very wet and warm place. If you’re someone who might tense up and get a dry mouth when faced with the idea of having a penis in there, then use lube. Lube, in all matters of sex, is your friend. A good ol' water-based lube!!! (This is what flavored lube was invented for, ladies.) My favorite is WICKED Lubes!! Salted Caramel is my fav!! You'll want to suck dick all day!! Tastes like Starbucks  💦 💦 💣 💣 🍆 🍆PP.D P.S. You can order it on my website! Be nice today...suck a dick!

Where the in the hell

....have I been? Sheesh, so much has happened. Wasband got remarried...again, but I like this one! That last one was kinda crazy, lol. We've been in quarantine with this COVID-19 mess, so school turned into distance learning and everyone was stuck in the house. Things are slowly opening back up, but this virus is still hitting hard and our new norm will take some getting used too. I went back to school, I turned 43, had a kid graduate from college and I will be becoming a grandma later this summer!

One Night Stands...

So are these still a thing? I guess I thought they were kinda played out until I went on vacation recently. A group of successful, handsome men...all married or in a relationship, but their travel was strictly to put all of their home life behind them. A weekend of fun with no limitations and then proceed to get back on the plane as if nothing happened that weekend. Life goes back to normal, but then you reminisce on that pleasureful weekend and you take it a little further with some "secret business trips" to rekindle that weekend on the sly. But now those weekends are turning into every other weekend visits and this one-night stand that was supposed to be so easy to forget has led to a situationship. Now what? How do you stop this? Who is in the wrong? The things you talk about in a pool at a hotel while drinking...y'all thought I was talking about myself, huh? Oh, hells no! I was married to a cheater, I can't do that to someone else no matter what!


BLOW JOB TIP FOR THE DAY 🥰 🍆 🍭 🍆 🍭 🥰 There is more to the dick than just the dick. All around that area is sensitive and you have to use all of it to create a “full-package” blow job. There’s so much you can do with his testicles. Tickle, kiss, gently suck, massage, the list goes and on....and if you think that your mouth is the only “tool” you can use for a great blow job then you are very, very wrong. We have hands too!!! And ladies....we have Boobs too! Use your tools!!!! Pract ice makes perfect! Attitude is everything! Be playful with it. Have fun and take your time. And a water-based lube, it is better than oil or silicone lube, it's less sticky and has a more natural feeling! Happy Sucking My Friends!  🥰 😘 🥰   


This post speaks volumes. When someone does you wrong, you often want to see what karma has for them firsthand, but that is so unhealthy. Keep living your best life in spite of. My glow up has been EPIC! I encourage all of you to keep glowing, trust me...The ones that hurt us have to live with who they are...and that is punishment enough! #heiswhoheis

Mama said...

This picture is so true. We often find ourselves in situations that we feel we can't get out of or that someone has told us to walk away from, but it's like our feet are planted in cement. Some people like their lives in chaos or they fear the change it would bring if they left, but the bottom line is you need to think about you! What is best for you? You decide when enough is enough, just make sure it's not too late...tomorrow doesn't come for everyone.